Demons killed: 0 / 50
Endless Mode
Paused, drag to move around the scene


The reliable Arcane spell shoots a powerful bolt of magic, killing one demon. It has a fast recharge.


The Fire spell releases two fireballs, kills two unsuspected demons!


Opens a vortex that sucks in all the demons in the room. This one takes a while to charge so choose when to use it wisely!

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Protect the crystal

Welcome, Guardian. Your mission is clear: safeguard this crystal. Demons seek to destroy it, for if they succeed, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Face the onslaught

A horde of 50 demons approaches, relentless in their quest to seize the crystal's power. Stand resolute, for you alone are its defender. Ready your spells and prepare to face the coming onslaught.

Drawing upon ancient magic, you can protect the crystal by casting spells in the air. Try drawing this shape to destroy the demon.

You possess three potent spells: Arcane, Fire, and Vortex. Each wields unique power, but beware, they take time to recharge.

Now, stand tall and protect the crystal. The fate of our world rests in your hands.

Game Over

You did it!

The Spell Name spell is still charging